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FlatPanel makes every surface suitable for fixing pots. Even large pots up to 40 litres can be fixed so that the crop can not be blown over. Besides, the grower is fully flexible because pots can be placed anywhere.

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FlatPanel is a flexible solution for fixing plant pots on any surface. Tree container pots can be placed individually or against each other. This allows the grower to create sufficient light and space for a better growth of the crop. The high-quality galvanised wire products from Floor van Schaik Rack Solutions are sustainable in use. Moreover, the coating does not release zinc so that the vegetation is not damaged. Would you like to get advice about the possibilities? Please contact us.

Advantages of FlatPanel

  • Individual placement of crop
  • Stable positioning of plants and trees
  • Low price due to the effective use of material
  • High-quality galvanised metal for long-term protection
  • Flexible in use due to free positioning
  • Flat base frame as a foundation
  • Simple and quick to use

A specific feature of FlatPanel is the saving on material. This makes the racks not only cheaper but also lighter. Because the steel wire is thicker in the right place, the rack can be loaded more heavily. The edge wire is also made of thicker wire so that the edge retains its shape. The anchoring hooks are provided with a zinc layer. One side is provided with a J-hook and the other side with a Golf-hook. The J-hook clamps around the wire rack while the Golf-hook pulls the rim of the pot downwards. The spacing can be easily adjusted with a squeeze spring. You can fix the plant pots with a tensile force up to 90 kg. Depending on the size of the crop you choose 3, 4 or 5 hooks per wire rack. FlatfloorRack was developed by us based on our experience of nearly 25 years.

What are the benefits of FlatPanel for you?

  • Effective growth of the crop because the growth does not stagnate
  • Fix tree container pots up to 40 litres on any surface
  • Easy adjustment of the hook length by a simple squeeze spring
  • Saving time because the crop does not have to be put upright all the time
  • Flexibility in the available space due to the free placement
  • A neat and well-kept nursery: the showpiece of your company
  • Speed of work due to the right design

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