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About us

Floor van Schaik Rack Solutions supplies a wide range of wire rack solutions. Our main customers are tree nurseries, garden centres and green lovers. With almost 25 years of experience, we are specialists in wire racks. In many nurseries and garden centres, business owners choose our practical wire racks. We sell our wire racks worldwide, including Europe, Australia and North America. Nurseries and garden centres across the world are satisfied with the practical solutions from Floor van Schaik Rack Solutions.

Our secret

According to the owner of Floor van Schaik Rack Solutions, our secret is listening to the customer and continuously improving our products. Floor started his business in 2004 in the beautiful town of Ede, a central location in the Netherlands. When the business started, we only supplied wire racks to tree nurseries and garden centres in the Netherlands. But after much investing in time and travel, we started exporting across Europe and currently export all over the world.

Product range

Our product range consists of wire solutions for growers, garden centres, vertical gardens and much more. Take a look at our range of wire racks. In addition to this range, we can make customised wire solutions for you. Of course in a good price-quality ratio. Moreover, the possibilities are virtually unlimited. We would like to think along with you.

Our Team

Our team is the strength behind Floor van Schaik Rack Solutions. Together we achieve more as one person! In this way, Floor van Schaik Rack Solutions has grown into a full-fledged and professional business for wire rack solutions. Meet our team and we may speak to you quickly.